Our workshop leaders’ hearts burn with the desire for you to join the journey of discovering how much more the Father will give us in relationship to Him when we keep asking, seeking, and knocking. With Matthew 7:7-11 as their foundation, the workshops offered will give you a road map to follow as you inquire of the Lord, “How much more?”

Come Walk with Me:

Mentoring others in your sphere of influence

Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 10:13-14 that we all have an orbit of influence that the Lord places us in.  Regardless of which stage of life you are currently in, there are people you rub elbows with daily that are in need of what God in you has to offer!

Explore how to mentor well, what authority you have to pray for others in your sphere and how to structure time spent with others that comes out of the overflow of God in your life. You have a reason for being in the place and season you are in. Bloom where you are planted and allow the fragrance of the Lord to fill and change the atmosphere in which He has placed you.

Cheryl is a mentor to many and mother of three, and wife of 29 years, who lives in Colorado Springs.

Triumphant Transitions:

Finding God’s Good Gifts for You in the Challenges of Change

Change Happens! As long as we're alive there will be a wide range of change and transition mountains, plains, valleys and waters to traverse and challenge us to find our happy place. Again.

The beauty of this journey is that we don't ever have to do it alone!  As we become more intimately aware of God's intentions to move with us through our transitions, we can embrace His good gifts. They are there!

As we seek Him more intentionally we have the assurance of His intimate presence, the goodness of His Fruit and the gift of His Grace.  Triumph is our goal. It is our destiny in Christ in the fullness of His time. With King David and Apostle Paul as our guides, we'll find some practical and reorienting steps to victory!


Cinky is crazy-blessed woman desiring to flourish even more through life and its transitions by the Grace of God!

Discipling the Generations:

Building a Legacy of Faith

God calls us to follow Him, to be His disciples.  As we follow Him, we hear the call to pass it on … “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations.”

The call to discipleship begins with us and our commitment to follow the Lord with all our heart.  As we learn to rely on God and invest in our relationship with Him, our hearts are transformed.  Our lives begin to reflect Christ, impacting our families and others within our sphere of influence.  When we realize HOW MUCH MORE God wants to give us, our children, and children’s children, we heed the call to pass it on.

Come and catch the vision and learn practical ways to disciple the next generation to faith in Christ Jesus.

Diana is a wife of a soldier, mother of eight daughters, grandmother, former Army pilot, author, and servant of Jesus.  After 32 years, Diana is still madly in love with her husband, Rich. She is a homeschool mom who is passionate about teaching women, running marathons, and loving Jesus.

Keep Asking:

Preparing the Way for the Holy Spirit

By asking powerful questions, the Christian invites clarity, action and discovery or challenges evasion and confusion.  Augustine wrote, “no man teaches another anything, all one can do is to prepare the way for the Holy Spirit.” The skill of powerful questions places the Christian in their ordained role to prepare the way for the power of the Holy Spirit to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we ask or imagine.

Machaela is a Doctor of Strategic Leadership student at Regent University who brings 15 years of professional, 33 years of volunteer, and 21 years serving the local body of Christ from teaching, planting ministry to the Director of Spiritual Formation.  She has been married for 30 years and has five children.

Keep Seeking:

How much more fullness in being intimately connected to the Father

Jesus promised lives of fruitfulness, joy and answered prayer for those who would abide in Him (John 15:4-11). But the experience of many Christ-followers leaves them wondering if they’re missing something.

 In this workshop, we will explore what it means to live in intimate communion with Jesus, not for super-saints or desert monks but for 21st-century women in every season of life. If Jesus told His disciples that abiding in Him is the key to fruitfulness, then He intends it to be a lifestyle that is attainable for anyone who follows Him.

We will deal honestly with common hindrances to intimate connection with God and identify practical steps we can each take today toward the Presence-saturated lives our hearts long for.

Nancy is first and foremost a lover of God with a desire to know Him more and serve Him faithfully and to help others do the same. Through 30+ years of being a military spouse, homeschooling her three boys, and serving in many ministry venues, Nancy has learned to pursue an intimate relationship with God in the trenches of life.

Keep Knocking:

How to Discover God Has More for Your Calling

Are you knocking on doors that God doesn’t seem to be opening? If you are struggling to trust God’s provision, timing, or direction in your calling, this workshop is for you.

Sometimes in pursuing our calling, we get so focused on goals that we miss what God wants to do in our relationship with Him. In every season of life, God is calling you to deeper intimacy and freedom that empowers you step into new levels of faith, abundance, and ministry. Identify motivations, mindsets, and strategies that may be blocking you from the doors God wants to unlock in your life. Learn key concepts that will equip you to trust God, pray persistently, and wait productively as you enter into a deeper life with God and flourish in your calling.

Author of Holy in the Moment, Ginger Harrington is an award-winning blogger at, inspirational speaker, and founding member of Planting Roots, where she serves as both speaker and coordinator of publishing.

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