As a team of women currently and/or formerly involved in Protestant Women of the Chapel we have a special desire for women of PWOC to find a home at the yearly Gather conference. Gather provides a place to come together once a year and connect with other installations, receive excellent leadership training applicable for PWOC leadership positions, and share joys, struggles, and new ideas with one another.


Though Gather is not an exclusive PWOC conference, we hope you will find it beneficial for the growth and enrichment of your local PWOC installation.

*While we strongly support PWOC, the chapels, and the chaplains, we are not affiliated with the U.S. armed forces chaplaincies. We are not a governing body in PWOC and we are not a replacement for the PWOC International Board.

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helpful points for chaplains and pastors

Many ladies in PWOC have seen an increasing capabilities gap and deficit in training and collaboration among women.  As a result, they assembled a team to address these needs through a training event where women involved with PWOC, the military, and other ministries from around the globe can come together.  In this gathering, they have assembled a team of experienced PWOC trainers from the past couple of decades, offering workshops and sessions that train the ladies in some of the areas of greatest need in women’s ministry.  They also share best practices and lessons learned from decades of women’s ministry, especially in PWOC.


The Gather Leadership Team is a group of women who have been involved with PWOC and women’s ministries for many years.  Their sponsoring organization is AeroNova, an IRS-approved 501(c) 3 ministry. Gather is a women's conference powered by volunteers. The women on the Gather conference team as well as the speakers, worship leaders, teachers, and instructors give freely of their own time and resources to put on an amazing yearly conference, receiving no compensation.


Gather is a training event for all women, however, we are providing training that focuses on several areas which will be particularly helpful to women in a local PWOC:

 • Leadership training skills & competencies in launching, training, and guiding an effective leadership team

 • Sharing a compilation of best practices and PWOC lessons learned from the past three and half decades

 • Increasing awareness and access to numerous PWOC-specific web based training resources.

 • Skills & best practices in team organization, communication, & unity on the leadership team.

 • Developing effective skills in conflict resolution and overcoming common ministry challenges

 • How to cultivate effective spiritual formation in your personal life

 • How to grow healthy & robust spiritual disciplines in your personal battle rhythm

 • Developing personal and relational resilience through change. Practical skills in negotiating change in your family.

 • Developing resilience through adversities commonly faced by military families




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