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If your church, ministry, or organization is interested in sponsoring a group of women to help off-set the cost of the conference, the process is simple!

They simply need to contact us at specifying the number of ladies they would like to sponsor and how much of their registration they would like to cover. We will then send them a customized link to pay that amount and a set number of codes for the ladies they have sponsored. 

For example, if your church would like to send 20 ladies and cover $100 of each regular registration so that the ladies would only have to pay $29 each, they would pay $2000 through their customized checkout and receive 20 discount codes. The codes are distributed to the 20 ladies and each lady registers, inputs the code, and is only charged $29. 

This is a wonderful way to send a group of ladies to a life-changing experience where they will be encouraged by other women, equipped with leadership training, and excited to return and share the joy, excitement, and encouragement with the women in their community.


Want to get your group to Gather? Our Group Coordinator Stephanie Rice is here to help!


Getting a group of women to the Gather Conference is not hard, but it does take time and planning. Stephanie is here to partner with those who would like to attend Gather together as a group.  Each group or PWOC will need a primary point of contact. As the Group Coordinator, Stephanie stays in contact with your group to share important information, dates, resources and advice.  She is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process of registering as a group.  Stephanie has helped many groups attend the Gather Conference and has valuable "lessons learned" as well as expert tips and advice to make your group trip a memorable one. Contact Stephanie Rice at


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