the story

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:20

From the very beginning, this has been the heart of God - for His beloved ones to gather together in fellowship with Him. He said it is not good for man to be alone (Gen. 2:14) because He created us for relationship - relationship with Him and relationship with one another. This is why we gather: to worship Him, to spend time with Him, and to draw near to Him...together. We gather to share life with one another as the Body of Christ.


This life we lead scatters us across the globe. The Gather conference is a time to come together as worshipers, friends, mentors, prayer warriors, and daughters of the King. It is an opportunity to share our passions, gifts, encouragement, and the dreams of our hearts as we seek God’s face and study His Word together.


A place for women to celebrate what God has been doing in their lives and ministries


Room for women to connect with God and with one another


An atmosphere to encourage and uplift women in their daily lives


A studio to prepare women for the inspirational calling of God in their lives

we will celebrate.

We’ll celebrate who God is, what He has done for us, and what He has accomplished in us. We’ll celebrate His victory and His greatness with authentic and powerful praise and worship. And we’ll celebrate the joy of being together in His presence.

we will connect.

We will connect with God as we read His word, as we worship Him, and as we tune our ears to hear what He is saying. We will connect with one another - with old friends, with new friends, and with the people who share our passions and gifts.

we will be encouraged.

Through worship and prayer, through the Word of God, and through teaching and training, we will be powerfully encouraged to use our gifts, dreams, and talents for the glory of God. We will be encouraged to go and make disciples, sharing God’s love and truth in every facet of our lives.

we will prepare.

We will prepare for the journey ahead, of God’s calling on each of our lives. We will prepare to walk confidently, secure in His love, resting in His truth, no matter the valleys and struggles that may lie ahead. We will prepare for the Victory, for His glorious return, and we will be equipped to prepare others.


The Lord has so much awaiting us. Come. Let us gather together in worship, seeking His face, and dwelling together in His sanctuary.


the facts

Gather is a conference sponsored by AeroNova for women to come together to celebrate, connect, encourage, and prepare. As a ministry, we plan and execute a synergistic experience of renewal and reunion for women in ministries around the world. We provide a place for all women to celebrate what God has been doing in their lives and in their ministries and to connect with God and with one another through focused times of prayer, worship, teaching, workshops, and purposeful networking. Gather also  provides a special place for women afiliated with the military to come and minister and be ministered to. We select workshops, trainers, and speakers who provide coaching, teaching, and mentoring for quality ministry that enhances leadership potential and personal spiritual enrichment for women. We provide a place for ministries to come and display what they are doing and how they might be helpful to military and women’s ministry. We collect and provide a variety of ministry resources and make them available to those who attend.


We are a team of multi-generational, multi-cultural, trans-denominational, Christian women currently and/or formerly involved in worldwide military women’s ministry including Protestant Women of the Chapel. As former active duty members and/or dependents of active duty, retired, guard and reserve military members from all branches of the United States Military, we have a special place in our hearts to minister to military women. We believe something special happens when a group of women from all backgrounds, all walks of life, all denominations, military and non-military, come together to worship the Father God in unity. This is the heart of the Gather conference.


AeroNova is a trans-local mission that trains, equips, and deploys others to walk with God, and helps them learn to plant and cultivate the ministry He ignites in them. Through our conferences, retreats, trainings, mission houses, and prayer councils we provide teaching and enrichment as well as places to foster worship, discipleship, prayer, spiritual enrichment, and outreach.

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